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With many companies presently having ‘Work from Home' policies, it has resulted in some new challenges

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| Delivery planning difficulties when teams and employees are separated

| Decreased communication speed due to teams waiting for the replies & responses of other members via chat or calls

| Nosedive in productivity levels due to the level of discipline needed when working from home

Resolve 'Work from Home' chaos with full visibility


Increase Productivity with Coordinated Planning

With 'Work from Home' policies, it is difficult to coordinate delivery planning across distributed teams.

Give your team full visibility of the delivery statuses of your order at all times.

Mitigate Business Continuity Risk

In delivery operations, specific customer requirements are often silo-ed. This can be easily lost if your team becomes indisposed.

Store this information digitally so your operations can continue smoothly with split-teams and 'Work From Home' arrangements.



Optimise Available Resources

In a highly uncertain manpower situation, planning your operations is challenging - productivity becomes paramount.

With VersaFleet's Advancing Routing, optimise your available resources to improve productivity.

FREE 'Emergency' Route Optimisation

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With a spike in deliveries from online purchases, VersaFleet can help to optimise your delivery orders.

Simply send us your order data and receive the optimised routes based on your resource constraints.

Versafleet is a Pre-approved PSG Solution.SGD-SMEs-G-Digital-Pre-Approved-Logo1280px-Infocomm_Media_Development_Authority_logo.svg

If you are looking for a more in-depth session on digitalising your delivery operations,
please check out our Covid-19 Support page for more details.

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